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"Overtones" - The SMTA Newsletter
Our newsletter keeps members informed of upcoming events, the latest Association news, and items of interest to all music teachers. the current and past issues are available below for downloading and reading off-line or printing.

The deadline for submitting articles/information/advertising is the 23rd of each month. Please email all information to Laurie Eash at Laurie52@aol.com

The minutes of the monthly meetings are also posted on this page.
Information Date File Name
2018 March Overtones 3/2/2018 03-18Overtones.docx
2018 February Overtones 2/2/2018 02-18Overtones.docx
2018 January Overtones 1/31/2018 01-18Overtones.docx
2018 January Minutes 1/31/2018 01-18Minutes.docx
2018 MAP Schedule / Rajung Yang 1/20/2018 2018MAP-MusicCity_RajungYang.pdf
2018 MAP Schedule / Steven Hesla 1/20/2018 2018MAP-Steinway_Hesla.pdf
2018 MAP Schedule / Jovanni Rey de Pedro 1/20/2018 2018MAP-HolyNames-Gonzaga_Pedro.pdf
2018 MAP Schedule / Debra Baklund 1/20/2018 2018MAP-Garland-Whitworth_Bakland.pdf
2017 December Overtones 11/29/2017 12-17Overtones.docx
2017 November Minutes 11/26/2017 11-17Minutes.docx
2017 November Overtones 10/28/2017 11-17Overtones.docx
2017 October Minutes 10/23/2017 10.17Minutes.docx
2017 October Overtones 9/27/2017 10-17Overtones.docx
2017 September Minutes 9/19/2017 09-17Minutes.docx
2017 September Overtones 9/7/2017 09-17Overtones.docx
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